Wine and views – special edition

We cordially invite our guests to the exciting and unique tour which will provide them the opportunity to see one of the most Georgia’ regions which is called Imereti, enjoy its nature and environment and, in the same time, to touch and to appreciate one of Georgia’ greatest heritage – it’s viticulture.  Besides, this time our guests will get a very special bonus in this tour – we will go the sea side! That’s why our tour is named “Wine and views – special edition”.

Tour program

Day 1. We will meet our guests at Yerevan or Tbilisi airport and help them with check in. After a shot break, we will have loop tour through Tbilisi with wine tasting at one of wine rooms.

Day 2. We go towards Kutaisi city, a capital of Imereti province.  We will check in at the most warm-welcome and cozy guest house in Kutaisi. In the evening we will have there a traditional Georgian style  tablefull with rivers of homemade wine to drink!

Day 3. We will have a very busy day —  will visit Okatse canyon, will have hiking there, we will swim and have a dinner at country side with wine tasting. We will have a very good physical training and on the same time we will get an ocean of positive emotions from the views that can be seen only there and nowhere else in Georgia! We will also visit not very traffic, hidden from the eyes charming waterfall where the most brave and trained will have a chance to swim in the spring water. And then we will have a dinner at authentic Georgian house with its simple living but true hospitality. A rivers of homemade wine and your feet will dance of their own! On our way home we will visit churchhela factory where we will have a chance to see the secrets how these sweets are made and buy them as a gifts to take home!

Day 4. We are going to Ajaria! We will visit a very famous wine house where will taste local Ajarian wines that are quite different from wines of Kaheti and Imereti, we will walk to see a beautiful waterfall located not so far from the city and we will see beautiful Batumi from the bird’s eye panorama. In the evening we will return to Imereti.

Day 5, Martvili canyon, hiking, boating. Our inflated boats will go with river which flows the very bottom of the canyon and cliffs with small waterfalls here and there will surround  us, and exotic plants twigs will try to reach us, and eagles will fly high above… It is a really enchanting place, you will never regret for visiting it!

Then we will go to within Prometheus cave we will cross through amenities of cape’ world and tour by subterrarian river!

Day 6. We will visit the most important Castles around Kutaisi, will listen of their stories and legends, will touch the  Eternity. Afterwards we will visit cozy private winery lost in mountains to compare the tasted of homemade wine and wine produced by industrial process.

Day 7. Transfers to Tbilisi/Erevan airports.

We propose 2 variants of tour’ cost each subject based on current exchange rate.

Version 1 – staying at budget park hotel   

Version 2 – staying at the most cozy and hospitable guest house of Kutaisi

Please contact us to clarify the current price for tour.

The price includes:

Hotels staying

Traveling with comfortable mini wan

Transfer from/to Yerevan or Tbilisi airport – Kutaisi — Ajaria

Tours around Tbilisi, Kutaisi, canyons, castles

Wine tasting

Professional guide and Wine Master services

 Dinner at country side, welcome dinner at Kutaisi

The price does not include:

Plane tickets to Armenia/Georgia

Food except mentioned in the program

Additional excursions

Entering tickets to canyons, caves and boating

Medical insurance, please contact us if you need help to arrange them!