Tour “Armenia – Yerevan wine days and other adventures”

As a whole Caucasus region Armenia is a cradle of worldwide winemaking – 12 years ago the most ancient winery in the world (dated around 4.5 thousand years BC) was discovered here. That’s why a festival called “Yerevan Wine Days” takes place in Yerevan for several years already. This event is aimed to strengthening of Yerevan touristic image and popularization of Armenian winemaking in general.  

Apart of this wonderful feast which will be attended by all citizens of Yerevan and its guests, we invite you to get acquainted with great culture and history of Armenia having a glass of gorgeous Armenian wine in your hands; to enjoy wild Caucasus Spring and fine bunch!

Tour dates – beginning of May.

Tour program.

Day 1. Guests’ meeting at Zvartnots airport, transfer to hotels.

Day 2. Together we will walk through “Pink Tuff City” – Yerevan, we will delight in its beauty, will learn its piquant secrets and then we will dive into unforgettable atmosphere of Spring Wine feast which takes place at historical center of Yerevan, on Saryan street. Here guest can taste wine choosing it based on their preferences and pocket, also everyone enjoys jazz and folk Armenian music.

Day 3. Tour to Tatev Monastery, religion heart of Armenia. We will pass their using the longest cableway in Europe enjoying the exciting views to Armenia’ nature. After visiting Tatev, we will have our lunch at authentic atmosphere the true village house, will taste homemade wine. On our way back to Yerevan we will visit private winery to taste wonderful wines of Armenia.

Day 4.  At that day we wil go to see Saghmosavank monastery which seems to fly over the downfall and will delight in its rough beauty and power which is timelessness (its age starts from XIII century). After having a good hiking and having done a perfect photo session, we will go to visit a very famous bottler, one of the leading winemakers of the country. Here we will have a wine tasting (included in the program) and lunch (if guests would like to). On our way back we will visit one private winery which wines become more and more popular in Armenia and abroad.

Day 5. Coming back home, transfer to the airport. But the ones, who would like to continue the journey, can join our tour to Georgia which starts on the same day!

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Hotels staying

Traveling with comfortable mini wan

Transfer from/to Yerevan airport

Wine tasting

Professional guide and Wine Master services

Excursions mentioned at tour’ program

The price does not include:

Plane tickets to Armenia

Food except mentioned in the program

Additional excursions

Medical insurance, please contact us if you need help to arrange them!