About us

It have  passed already  6 years  since we, a group of young and full of energy, likeminded people started to organize and provide our individual tours through Armenia and Georgia.

We are fully in love with the land where we were born and grew up; that’s why our main target is to show to you, our beloved guests, its beauty, uniqueness and hospitality, and to make our Caucus a part of your heart.

The main direction of our activities is  individual tourism, the correct selection of type of the tour which will feet to demands, tastes, interests, physical, financial and time abilities of our guests. Your maximum comfort is our main priority.

Here in our site you will find our proposal as for classical tours through Armenia and Georgia as well as for gastronomic, wine, walking, fishing tours, riding tours and tours by ropeways. Besides, among our services there are dental tours, transfers from/to airport and transfers between countries.

Wine Master

Granatustour company is happy to introduce our Wine Mater, a person thanks to whom we have so interesting, educational and busy wine tours. Thus, please meet Ignatova Sofya.

“I do like life as it is and try to inspire it freely; I’m always motivated to get new knowledge, emotions and impressions. Once wine had rushed into my life and not only as an ambrosial spirit but also as a whole new cultural, historical and knowledge layer which wine brought into my life. And more or less within the same time I visited Armenia and Georgia for the first time to fall in love with them with whole my heart. And it is obviously that the culture of these countries is inseparably related to viticulture. So I understood that this is a sky-sign and I started to read and learn a lot about viticulture in different countries and finally become a student of  Vitis Pro online wine school. I constantly do my best to expand my knowledge’ horizons towards  not only common and historical facts about wine but also about its brands and trademarks, specialties of its making and uniqueness of technologies; about its manufactures; I also carry out my dairy as for wines I try. So I take and treat wine drinking pleasure very seriously!  J

Within my tours I try to avoid the overloading of our guests with theoretical knowledge and technical terms and try my best to make my stories about specialties o f country’ and even region’ winemaking technology in easy and fun manner; I share my attitude to this or that breed, brand and manufacturer; I try to help with a choice of wine for a gift and for souvenirs; we together with our guests will  try and discuss our impressions and feedbacks from wines we taste. But my main target is not only to share my knowledge but to infect our guests with love and delight towards taste and quality of Georgian and Armenian wines! And, to say with no false modesty, I manage to do this!

So please come – we will taste, we will discuss, we will fall in love and then… will meet each other again!

Sincerely, yours Wine Master”