Tour “ Beautiful Imereti”

Tour duration  6 days (including days of arrival and departure)

Tour Program:

Day 1.  We will meet our guests at Tbilisi airport and transfer them to their hotel. If all guests will arriver before 4 p.m.,    we will have loop tour through beautiful and ancient Tbilisi; we will walk through streets of old city  and will enjoy landmark of the city – its cobweb balconies, we will feel flair and irresistible attraction of Georgia’ capital.

Day 2.   We are leaving Tbilisi and start our way through beautiful notches and mountains to splendid Imereti. On our way we will make one stop at Jvari Monastery.


Jvari Monastery 

Jvari Monastery is a sixth-century Georgian Orthodox monastery near Mtskheta, eastern Georgia. Along with other historic structures of Mtskheta, it is listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Jvari Monastery stands on the rocky mountaintop at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers, overlooking the town of Mtskheta and this seems to be the most popular view of Georgia.

Day 3.

 We will start our aquaintance with Imereti from Okatse canyon.    We will have a very good physical training and on the same time we will get an ocean of positive emotions from the views that can be seen only there and nowhere else in Georgia! We will also visit not very traffic, hidden from the eyes charming waterfall where the most brave and trained will have a chance to swim in the spring water. 

Day 4. We will meet another splendid place designed by great creator – Nature called Martvili canyon. This place looks like movie decoration about adventures at Amazon river jungles. Our inflated boats will go with river which flows the very bottom of the canyon and cliffs with small waterfalls here and there will surround  us. After that we will walk through beautiful bridges, terraces and waterfalls located in the same territory.

Then we will go to within Prometheus cave we will cross through amenities of cape’ world and tour by  underground  river!

 Although tourists are allowed to visit only 1/3 of the cave’ territory, tour will take about one hour. Tourist can choose the foot route (1600m) through cave’ niches or/and boating pm subterranean river. You will see stalactites and  stalagmites, underground waterfalls and lake!

Day 5.

Gelati (  is a medieval monastic complex near Kutaisi in the Imereti region of western Georgia. One of the first monasteries in Georgia, it was founded in 1106 by King David IV of Georgia as a monastic and educational center, and is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Inside the monastery’s church there are murals and imagery dating from the 12th–17th centuries.

The monastery was built in the Georgian Golden Age and a gold aesthetic is employed in the paintings and buildings. It was built to highlight the presence of Christian faith in Georgia.[3] The monastery is covered in arches that stretch over mountains

It was constructed during the Byzantine Empire, during which Christianity was the ruling religion throughout the empire. The monastery’s main church, known as Church of Virgin the Blessed was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It was also employed to teach science and became an academy of math and sciences in Georgia.

The interiors of the monastery hold mosaics in classic Byzantine style illustrating aspects of Christian belief. The largest, a 12th-century masterpiece depicting the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus, dominates the apse of the main church, and is an artwork of cultural importance in Georgia.

Motsameta  ) also known as Motsameta monastery is a complex of monasteries at the Imereti region, approximately 6 km northeast of the center of Kutaisi, Georgia. The monastery is picturesquely located on the cliff of a promontory in the curve of the Ckalcitela river, a tributary of the Rioni river.


Its name, whose meaning is the «Place of the Martyrs», is related to the brothers of a noble family of Argveti, David and Constantine, who organized a rebellion against the occupying Arabs in the 8th century.

When the rebellion failed, they were captured and then they were promised forgiveness in exchange for converting to Islam. None accepted the offer, and they were later tortured and killed, and their bodies were thrown into the river. The water turned red and in memory of this event, the river was called Ckalcitela, which means red water. According to the story, the brothers’ remains were captured by the lions and taken to the hill, where the Gelati monastery is located. Later, the Orthodox Church of Georgia recognized them as Saints, and in the 11th century, the king Bagrat IV of Georgia founded a temple there. Officials from the Bolshevik secret police in 1923 took the remains of David and Constantine from the Gelati monastery to the museum in Kutaisi, but this caused such a scandal that the relics were delivered quickly and are still in the monasteries today.[4] According to legend, there is a secret passage between the Motsameta monasteries and the Gelati monastery, used during the wars.


More details about those unique historical and religion memorials we will know during our tours,

Day 6. Transfer to the airport.

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The price includes:

Traveling with comfortable mini wan

Transfer from/to   airport

Professional guide   services

Excursions mentioned at tour’ program

The price does not include:

Hotels staying


Plane tickets

Food except mentioned in the program

Additional excursions

Medical insurance